The Trouble with Howard Book
The Trouble with Howard Book
The Trouble with Howard Book
The Trouble with Howard Book
The Trouble with Howard Book
The Trouble with Howard Book
The Trouble with Howard Book
The Trouble with Howard Book

The Trouble with Howard Book

The Trouble with Howard Book

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The story is based on the real-life experience of former driver and mechanic Howard Millican and his wife, Anita.  Anita became the first women licensed as an IndyCar mechanic in 1980.


Howard and Anita rescued a baby skunk on the way to a race.  They named him Trouble. Trouble traveled with them to all the races.  He dug in toolboxes, dove into coolers, and really like hot dogs.  With a skunk named Trouble at a racetrack, what could possible go wrong?


The book encourages STEM careers.  It also suggests how to handle bullies and ways to display good sportsmanship.  In addition, it inspires compassion towards animals.   A portion of the proceeds will go towards animal rescue operations.


Written by racing veteran Lee Anne Patterson, the book is for children Grades 1 and up.  Each page is beautifully illustrated by Roger Warrick, also a veteran of the sport. The book is created by racers, about racers, for those who love racing!


The fine print:
Library of Congress Control Number 2024905147
ISBN 979-8-9902067-0-0


Written by Lee Anne Patterson
Illustration by Roger Warrick
Design by Castlewhite Design


First Edition Published in May of 2024 by Ground Effects Marketing, Inc. in Auburn, Alabama, U.S.A. 

The book is 8 x 10 and 44 pages

Suitable for Grades 1 and up

Contains brief biography of Howard, Anita and the real Trouble

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Story Summary

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During the opening race, Howard finds himself punted off the track and into the bushes by his rival Jack. While in the bushes he found a hurt baby skunk that he rescued. Howard named him Trouble. Much to the delight of his best friend, and awesome mechanic, Anita, they adopted Trouble who lived up to his name traveling to races. Late one afternoon, Jack snuck into Howard and Anita’s trailer where he found Trouble. The chase was on, and Jack scared Trouble out of the trailer. When Howard and Anita returned, they couldn’t find Trouble anywhere and thought they’d lost him. However, Trouble didn’t know he was lost. He found a cozy cockpit and thinking he was in Howard’s race car he curled up for a snooze. The next morning as the cars rolled out to the track, Trouble was surprised. He was not in Howard’s car. He was in Jack’s. The events on track during the race trigger a series of events that allow for a big climactic finish where Trouble gets even with Jack and celebrates with Howard and Anita in victory circle.

Customer Reviews

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Eric Dunion
Great read & story!

This is such a great book, and is perfect for the little racer in your family!

Lynn Henry
Fun story

This a such a fun story that is engaging and teaches along the way. It’s beautifully illustrated and I think will engage a variety of ages. I am excited to share it with my great nephew.

jeff banker
Trophy winner

Been involved with sports car racing for 30 +years— my grandson loves racing— this book and the story makes this bond even closer— we love it!!!